The solution

  • China's "intelligence" helps China make 2025, and China's intelligence witness the strength of science.

    How to shorten the time of product market, improve production efficiency and reduce harmful emissions are facing unprecedented challenges in the future of China's manufacturing industry. The scientific researchers from China have been working on Chinese manufacturing to help the Chinese manufacturing industry to solve the problems of various industries.

  • Search for answers from needs and succeed with professional achievement

    In the face of increasingly complex manufacturing environment, what manufacturing industry needs to do is simplifying and intelligentization of each port. Kerun should start with your actual needs and make our manufacturing work easier, help you in a professional way.

  • Industrial medium, the blood of the 4 era of industry

    Industrial medium, the blood of the 4 era of industry. China's high-end manufacturing will be injected into China's blood to make Chinese manufacturing go longer and more stable.

  • Green manufacturing, "moisten" the future

    Kerun has been working hard to create green manufacturing and upgrading industrial medium technology under the background of energy saving.Kerun by innovative ideas of sustainable development, we create high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection for the society, enterprises and mankind.


Expert + professional method + professional equipment + rich experience

  • Quick

    Send engineers to service within 48 hours

  • Intimate

    3-6 months for the service cycle free, for you to detect product characteristics and main physical and chemical properties, receive oil samples within 3-5 days to provide written inspection report.

  • Specialty

    For you to establish customer files, save every product test results and typical oil samples.

  • Persistent

    Regularly visit 1-2 times a year to help solve technical problems.

01 solutions of automobile vehicle and spare parts industry

Automobile manufacturing is a very complex process. There are many sophisticated technology support behind the combination of thousands of parts. With the green revolution of automobile manufacturing, we are from the heat treatment manufacturing end of auto parts, the machining end to the metal preprocessing end of the body, and all the important production processes include the combination of Kerun technology and the insistence of innovation.
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02 Home appliance industry solution

Explore Kerun extensive products and solutions of Ke run, effective facilities management, environmental protection production process and complete service network. Kerun solution of the household electrical appliance manufacturing industry helps you further improve the production level of intelligence.

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03 Aerospace industry solutions

Kerun solution of airun aerospace manufacturing industry will help your company stand firmly in the international aviation market and spread its wings.

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04 Wind power industry solution

With reliable products, solid technology and thoughtful service, we have become one of the best partners in the field of wind power equipment and components manufacturers.

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05 General machinery industry solution


High temperature, high intensity, high risk and bad environment are the biggest challenges for manufacturing. Behind the strong physique is the high requirement for manufacturing technology. Kerun can ensure that you can create a stronger and more durable machine "Iron Man" in complex and harsh environment.

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