Kerun industrial medium Research Institute is the independent research department of the subordinates of Nanjing KERUN industrial medium Limited by Share Ltd, which is the first research institute in the industry to combine "production, learning and research". The team members are almost  from 985 or 211 colleges and universities internal, and more than 80% are master's and above. It is a high quality R & D team full of passion and vitality, innovation and diligence. Since  Kerun Research Institute founding of the Academy,It has been engaged in the research, development and application of new environmental protection industrial dielectric materials.Its research and development direction involves Thermal processing of metal materials, cold processing, surface treatment, cleaning and rust prevention as well as testing instruments. For more than a decade, the academy has developed nearly 100 kinds of products and has been successful in the market. At present, the research institute is devotes to developing  uniform cooling medium, metal hot processing and cold processing based on plant oil and its modified technology, chrome free and phosphorus free silane surface treatment agent, environmental efficient cleaning antirust agent and so on. Meanwhile, it pays attention to the recycling and environmental treatment technology of industrial medium. By developing and integrating the achievements of different fields, Kerun built the core competitiveness of Nanjing run company, promoted technological progress and led the development of the industry.



Innovation and technology play a crucial role in order to improve operation efficiency and reduce harmful emissions in industrial production. Scientists, researchers and engineers from  Kerun research institute are striving to develop a pioneering solution for the future. And actively cooperate with experts outside the industry. 
Kerun research institute has been focused on developing new products in the field of industrial use, maintenance and technology demonstration. then through the pilot test and trial run of all products, demonstrate whether it is in accordance with the application effect determined by the demonstration and ensure the long-term stable use of the product on the customer site. "Strict and standardized, efficient and innovative, international vision and contending for the first time", "Kerun" always guided the development of industry with innovation.


Innovation and technology play a vital role in order to improve industrial efficiency and reduce harmful emissions. Scientists, researchers and engineers from Kerun academy are working hard to develop pioneering solutions for the future and work closely with experts outside the industry.

Research findings

Silane nano ceramic composite technology has excellent competitive advantages and rich application e...
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Research findings

New vegetable oil chemical modificationtechnology --KR-C8820 aluminum alloy vegetable oil based cutt...
Product application

Research findings

Uniform cooling medium is a kind of Environmentally friendly polymerwithout inverse solubility devel...
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Research findings

The cooling characteristic tester is used to detect and evaluate thecooling characteristics of the q...
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The world's leading industrial interconnected manufacturing system + annual capacity of 100000 tons of industrial media and 3000 sets of equipment.

Kerun Intelligent manufacturing platform is based on DCS system and relies on the BATCH batch production management system to ensure that the product's qualified rate is 100% and 100 percent can be traced.In terms of quality management, we take the strict ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO/TS16949 quality system as the standard, and we can deliver qualified products to customers in time.


customer service

Characteristic functions of Kerun’s e station

1Product customization development

Users can submit new product research and development needs online,it is carried out by Kerun  Industrial medium Research Institute. to customize new products and technologies for users.

2Provide a technical solution for the system

Kerun technical expert team can combine the actual situation of users, solve technical problems online and offline, and develop system solutions.

3Online order, enjoy preferential policies

Users can place orders online, check the progress of order processing instantly, and enjoy membership scores and various preferential policies.

4Providing nanny technical services

Kerun technical service team according to user needs, user tracking, the use of products and provide regular technical training and guidance, to ensure stable production of users.


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