Kerun’s responsibility line of green environmental protection is completed satisfactorily


In March, the recovery of all things spring, spring is strong. We not only ushered in the greenery Festival - tree planting Festival, but also ushered in our eighteenth birthday --2018 year in March 12th, we are 18 years old!

On the morning of March 24th, the sky is clear and bright. we divided into two teams went to today's destination - Tangshan valley. We walk in the spring park, flying mood immediately.

The first station, the planting area. When we came to the tree planting area, we orderly collected seedlings and tools for planting trees, and became busy. The kids to be outdone, picked up a shovel, digging, hold the tree seedlings, hill up, watering. Though I have little strength, I love your heart very much. The children have written their own cards on the tree and grow together with Kerun.

Second stops, the vegetable Museum. The polular science in the museum allows us to experience what technology is planted in games.

The third station, garden garden. We planted saplings, followed by a tug of war, Expand the game, cheers echoed in the spring breeze. Then we came to the ecological park, enjoying the fun of picking, picking and eating while eating, and enjoying the afternoon tea time.

A day's activities, happy and full. A different birthday party, our tomorrow will be better. Planting green hope, flying green dream, let everyone practise our environmental responsibility. Let's work together to make green manufacturing go all in to create our green home.

   We have agreed to see you next year.


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