The theme activity of branch Kerun party branch: cheer for motherland


In order to further study and carry out the ideology of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era of Xi Jinping and the nineteen spirit of the party, to lay the groundwork for the theme education of "not forget the beginning of the heart and remember the mission", to enhance the consciousness of serving the party members for the people, to enrich the cultural life of the Party branch Party members, to strengthen the party members' advanced consciousness and the spirit of dedication, Kerun Party branch actively organize party members to carry out the theme activities - Watch Movies "powerful, my country".

"Powerful, my country" is the first time in the form of a documentary in the past five years the development of China's modernization and the achievement presented on the big screen: "Zhenhua 30 complete HZMB finally hoisting," Rejuvenation number "EMU first to achieve 350 kilometers per hour operation, The first space experimental station "Tiangong two" is on the way up. The "south to North Water Transfer Project" completed the operation of water, the j-20 flying sky combined with the army, The largest radio telescope FAST in human history has been put into use, the "Mo-tse" quantum communications satellite, the C919 aircraft, the world's largest offshore drilling platform "blue whale 2" goes to sea and so on.

In the past five years, China's road, Chinese car, Chinese Bridge, and China's speed have fully demonstrated the great achievements made by the Central Party Central Committee of Xi Jinping, which is the core of the party's Central Committee. The development of China can not be separated from the leadership of the Communist Party of China, but can not be separated from the hard work of the masses of the masses.

After the film, the members of the branch spoke enthusiastically and expressed their pride in the development of the motherland: "China bridge, China Road, Chinese car, China port, China network, interweave the Chinese dream!" Look at these pictures, really proud of the rapid development of the motherland, "powerful my country, encouraging us to hard work, to build our motherland. Every Chinese citizen is the builder of the motherland. We should be based on the present, do every thing conscientiously and conscientiously, look at the long term, make the best and add strength to the motherland. Some party members also express their wish for the good future of the motherland and the company in combination with their own work. "Innovation, opening, struggle, unity, cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win national spirit and the cultural spirit of the co - run are in harmony, and we believe that the co - run will certainly take off!" "Aircraft, high speed rail, port equipment, need quenching, need machine processing, need table processing, this is the needs of the development of the motherland, but also our company's contribution to the development of the company and the motherland with the same flight!"

This view has shocked the members of our Party branch. Unite and gather strength, work to create the future! Our party members at the grass-roots level should make enterprising, solid work, create extraordinary achievements on ordinary posts and make their own contribution to the Chinese dream of realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation!


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