Moving hands:Make a concerted effort to shovel the snow


An inscription: a bit of broken snow, friends circles are crazy, greedy people want to eat hot pot, rich people to wear mink, the beautiful people want to take pictures, affectation people want to write poems, single people want to walk for others, romantic people to heap snowmen, untenable people to fight snow war, People show affection to reach old age together. snow is good snow, people do not Normal (from the network)

The above section is playing jokes, but we Kerun people are normal in snowy days. In January 4, 2018, after a night of heavy snow, the whole city entered a vast world of white. In a short time, the snow was 5CM. It had a great impact on people's travel. The management department received a notice from Xu Manager: after work, As soon as possible, clear the company's road snow and ensure the normal work of employees. When I came to the company at 8:10, I saw doorman Mr. Sun and MR Xia and the driver,they had cleared the snow of the entrance area of the gate, and did not long time, the cleaning of the management department,The office and human resources colleagues also joined the snow sweeping army.

It is snowing heavily, our colleagues who swept the snow,his clothes is wet, his hair wet, and his shoes wet. The snow and sweat wet everyone's face. No one looked at it, sweeping, shovel, and when the new driver held a forklift card, he set up a forklift stack in order to speed up the snow progress. A shovel of snow, in this way, the progress is greatly accelerated. Our colleagues of the Research Institute in the office building help to lay down the slippery carpet. After nearly an hour of snow cleaning work, the roads of the factory are open and the fruits of their work are seen. Our lovely colleagues celebrate the glorious work of poses in the snow.

The heavy snow can not hold back the enthusiasm of the kerun people's labor. All of us agree, cooperate, and restore the office order in the first time after the snowfall, and give our praise to the labor enthusiasm of our kerun.


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