Kerun with overall solution of industrial medium participate in the18th Beijing International Heat Treatment Exhibition


Kerun with overall solution of industrial medium   participate in the18th Beijing International Heat Treatment Exhibition

On 22-24 November, the eighteenth Beijing international heat treatment exhibition, sponsored by the China Heat Treatment Industry Association and the China Mechanical Engineering Society heat treatment branch, opened at the National Conference Center of Beijing. As a double year exhibition of the elite of the heat treatment industry chain, the exhibition content and the reputation of the industry were enjoyed in the industry. Welcome and praise from outside industry. with the status of the executive member of the heat treatment association, Kerun actively participates in the development and construction of China's heat treatment. The host organization invites the organization to join hands in the National Conference Center and compete with a large number of well-known domestic and foreign enterprises.


During the exhibition, kerun  concentrated shows Apply to heat treatment industry special series overspeed quenching oil, isothermal quenching oil, vacuum oil quenching etc. Salt bath quenching medium with high purity and few impurities,environmentally friendly water soluble quench agents, water based, oil based and solvent based and other rust preventive agents,and anti-seepage carbon coatings in carburizing process,Series of cutting fluids and cleaning agents suitable for machine processing industry.At the same time, the third generation cooling characteristic tester and the centrifugal filter equipment are displayed on the scene, and a lot of application cases are introduced to the customers in different industrial fields, such as aeronautics and Astronautics, marine ships, rail traffic, engineering machinery, vehicle and parts, gear, bearings and aluminum.

At the same time, we invited some guests to attend the "KR-SQT III intelligent cooling characteristics tester" product site conference, "KR-SQT III" based on the mature application of the cloud platform, through the wireless connection to facilitate the use of the scene, through the host, PC, mobile end of the three party data analysis, remote analysis, guidance more Accurate, and cloud storage and real-time Bluetooth printing, so the scene gathered many customers and peer attention.

This exhibition has received the support and attention of the organizers and many media as before. The leaders of the Association came to the booth, visited the exhibition products of "Kerun", and talked about the development trend of the industry, and initially communicated the direction of cooperation in 2018. "China heat treatment", "metal processing" and other media have conducted field interviews. It has interacted on the theme of product innovation, brand service, industry outlook and so on, and bless the company to flourish in the future.

Kerun according to the  concept of "ingenuity, sensitization, capacity and distance", it pays attention to the innovation and development and holds the service concept of "sincere, active, professional, focused, value-added and efficient", looking forward to the future in the excellent platform, with the industry chain partners, to work together to build a stable and sustainable development of the new ecology of heat treatment industry.


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