Nanjing Kerun \"2018-2020 strategic path planning seminar\" was successfully held


Nanjing Kerun "2018-2020 strategic path planning seminar" was successfully held

On November 13 -14, the 2018-2020 strategic path planning seminar of Kerun company was held in the European style Phoenix Hotel in Chuzhou, Anhui. More than 50 representatives from the company's top management and core staff attended the seminar. The conference was chaired by Mr. Jiang, a strategic consultant, and conducted in-depth discussions on the strategic path development plan of the future three years.

At the beginning of the meeting, the market manager, finance director and other colleagues combined with the overall development of the company's business, and analyzed and reported from the market, finance, and the strategic phase of 2017. Then Mr. Jiang made a thorough study of the strategic objectives and tasks of the three stages of the "strategic review analysis", "strategic direction of the company", "business refinement plan", and the way that the red and blue army was creatively simulated by the red and blue army. During the discussion, everyone spoke freely, actively offered advice and suggestions, and continued to study early in the morning, putting forward many valuable suggestions and fruitful results.

Finally, after reporting the results of the seminar, Mr. Jiang proposed that the strategic direction of "the profound road" and the key construction focus of "the eight major projects of the future" were given to the following work and made specific guidance and requirements for the follow-up work. The success of this strategic seminar is to better implement the strategic objective of Kerun and meet the development planning and objectives of the future.

The realization of the strategic goal, the coexistence of pressure and challenge! I believe that through the joint efforts and efforts of all staff of Kerun, plus prudent strategic planning,and detailed concrete implementation measures,towards the ideal of becoming a respected centenary of the world,Kerun's future will be broader and more brilliant.


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