Returning lost money, warm the heart,small things transfer positive energy


Returning lost money, warm the heart,small things transfer positive energy

In the past thousands of years, we have regarded returning lost money as one of the traditional virtues, and continued to carry forward the inheritance. "Gold" not only refers to the property, but more should be seen in a bright and bright gold heart. In November 15, 2017, we had such a thing in the KORUN, let us see Kerun staff Pan Xiaoping that bright heart like gold, in the morning after work,heat treatment colleagues Tang Jing to the Department of management inadvertently lost a rose gold necklace, very anxious, everywhere to find no fruit,The management department assisted her to issue announcements in the company to look for it。At lunch,she met cleaner and looking for help. learned that this situation,clearer was particularly careful in cleaning work. At 15 pm in the afternoon, when clearer was sweeping the floor,she found the lost thing in the corner of the wall and sent it  to Tang Jing in time. In the face of the lost property, the owner was moved and continued to thank her.

When we found out this situation found Pan Xiaoping's colleagues to understand the situation, she was also a little embarrassed to say: "things are not their own, who see who will be active return, these little things I should do." The simple  words let us feel the story that is not something that moves the world. But in today's society,  moving our hearts. Some people are thinking that who is doing good things now, who will return the lost thing to the owner, especially the gold necklace that is very valuable. But Pan Xiaoping did it. This is the embodiment of kindness and simplicity of a Kerun people.

Returning lost money, not only need to actively promote, we must use the practical action to spread to practice.

Manager of the Department of management: Caiyun An report


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