Nanjing Kerun \"enterprise concept seminar\" successfully convened


Nanjing Kerun "enterprise concept seminar" successfully convened

The concept of enterprise is based on the key of enterprise culture, which is based on the needs of the strategic development of the enterprise, and has a relatively specific standard and operating mode of a concentration trend of employee values. Enterprise concept is an interpretation of enterprise culture in the process of enterprise management. It comes from enterprise culture but can not completely represent enterprise culture. Both are complementary relations, one is potential enterprise spirit, and the other is management strategy.

In October 21st, more than 80 senior managers and representatives from various departments participated in the discussion and jointly exported our corporate culture. In November 11th, under the guidance of corporate culture, we worked together to discuss the business philosophy suitable for the new environment and new situation.

The first is the discussion of the business philosophy. The top of the company is divided into three groups to discuss, and the full preparation and the high concentration of the idea only take 40 minutes to reach a consensus.

Next, colleagues at the top of the management level join in the discussion of our management concept and talent concept. We actively inquired about the information, shared the group and discussed it fully. Sometimes we heard the cheering and applause of agreement. Each group also share the passion, sparkling discourse. Every word is carefully chosen,  In the applause and recitation, we export the concept of "Kerun management" and "Kerun talents".

In the afternoon, some new colleagues of the new materials and products department have joined in our quality policy and research and development concept. The wonderful speeches from each group are applauded and the essence of everyone is incisively and vividly embodied in our discussion. In the passionate reading and applause of our professional recitation officers, we passed our quality policy and R & D concept.

After a short rest, we quickly put into the study of marketing guidelines and service guidelines. The old version of the marketing policy is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people and the supporters. After continuous discussions and exchanges, we finally reached a consensus with our internal and external resources and environment to export our marketing policy. The service policy will guide us to better serve the clients in a sincere, active, professional, focused, value-added and efficient way.

The curtain has been pulled down on one day's research. The output of idea makes the whole company go all in step and form a unified whole. Next, let's work hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder, and work together to run towards the ideal.


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