Nanjing Kerun \"corporate culture seminar\" was successfully held


Nanjing Kerun "corporate culture seminar" was successfully held

Force can stabilize the country and culture can revitalize the country. Corporate culture is the soul of an enterprise, and it is the spirit of supporting and encouraging the generation and generation of employees to dedicate their efforts. A developing and growing enterprise must experience cultural baptism in different periods and different environments, and gradually nurture the cultural connotation of promoting enterprise progress and having the characteristics of enterprise in the choice, integration and innovation.

This year is the seventeenth year of the founding of the company, and the growth of the company has entered a new stage. Under the new environment and new situation, the enterprise culture can lead the staff to create value for customers, employees and society, and how to lead the organization to achieve sustainable development, which is an important issue for us.

To this end, in October 21st, the corporate culture conference of Kerun company was launched. More than 80 senior managers and representatives from various departments participated in the seminar.

The first small climax of the seminar was the interview of our company's "reporter representative" to Nie Chang, the founder of the company. During his interview, Nie talked about the original intention of establishing the company, the mental process of the company's development process, and the planning and confidence in the company's future development. Nie Chang's open heart to share, resonates with everyone's heart. The belief of responsibility has strengthened our determination to work together.

Then, in the "co - painted ideal" link, we use the brushes in the hands to describe the ideal and vision in the mind, the colorful colors and imaginative pictures of the people's future expectations!

Next, one by one arouses the deep awake question unceasingly to stimulate the thought collision, once again the splendid speech lifts the scene applause. Each participant is conscientiously fulfilling the responsibility of the staff representative of the enterprise culture seminar, and deliberates on every sentence, each set of words, and even every punctuation. After a day of deep thinking and discussion, in a warm applause, we have reached consensus on the new stage of corporate culture that can lead the organization to continue to develop.

Kerun ideal

To become one of the world's respected century enterprises

Kerun vision

Become a leader in green manufacturing

Core mission of the Kerun

Create value for customers

Create value for employees

Creating value for society

The core values of the Kerun

Open innovation, good faith, and cooperate with each of us, as the spokesman of the enterprise culture, uphold the values of open innovation, honesty and cooperation, contribute to the green manufacturing, strive to achieve the ideal of the century enterprise which is respected in the world.


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