The technology of non phosphorus pretreatment represents China power to unveiled the 2017 automobile painting technology exchange meeting


The technology of non phosphorus pretreatment represents  China power to unveiled the 2017 automobile painting technology exchange meeting

The automotive coatings technology exchange 2017, held in September 2017 20-22, was held in Changchun by the China Automotive Engineering Society coating technology branch.It is an important platform for the promotion and application of new materials, new technology and new technology in the field of painting technology in the automotive industry of our country, which is held once every two years.The theme of the conference is "energy saving, environmental protection and reducing cost, promoting the development of automobile cleaning and painting production technology". As the advanced technology representative in the field of automobile painting, the company conducted a speech on non phosphorus pretreatment technology and exchanged technical exchanges with the guests at the meeting.


With the attention of the state to the energy conservation and environmental protection requirements of the automobile industry and the "China made 2025", the painting technology branch of China's most influential automotive engineering society has played an important role in promoting the development of the painting profession and plays an important role in the industry. Nanjing Kerun industrial medium Limited by Share Ltd has always adhered to the concept of green environmental protection and sustainable development as the development of the enterprise, which is closely related to the theme of this meeting. As the first representative of the national brand in the main venue, Kerun has made a special report on the application of silane nano ceramic composite technology and the economic analysis of waste liquid treatment. The report has been reported around two aspects: the green green phosphorus free pretreatment technology and the reduction of the waste liquid after treatment.Kerun got the unanimous praise of the leaders and guests. And further technical exchanges and discussions with our company after the meeting.

The technology of non phosphorus pretreatment is one of the first enterprises in domestic enterprises to apply the non phosphorus pretreatment products to passenger car, commercial vehicle, bus body, plate spring, frame and so on. Through the independent research and development, continuous innovation, the silane nano ceramic composite pretreatment technology of Kerun has excellent competitive advantage and rich experience in performance performance, green environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction. At the same time, it provides professional support and service in the fields of industrial planning, equipment, coating and other fields.

As always,Kerun will continue to increase its R & D investment and strengthen its technical strength. Under the guidance of the leaders of the industry leaders, it will constantly upgrade and adjust its products to create value for the customers and create a value for the society.


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