Kerun helps China\'s heat treatment development and won two industry awards


Kerun helps China's heat treatment development and won two industry awards

On 22-23 September, under the guidance of the China Machinery Industry Federation, the general meeting of the director general of the heat treatment industry of China and the summit of service based manufacturing in 2017, hosted by the China Heat Treatment Industry Association, was held in Xiamen. Kerun as the executive director of the association, it has been promoting innovation and innovation in the heat treatment industry. The Ministry of heat treatment in the conference will also share and exchange the overall solutions and development ideas of the industrial media with the participants.

Under the trend of industrial automation driven by the Internet of things, Ke run has built up its core competitiveness with "three platforms and two services".Taking the independent research platform as the source power, the fine mode of production Internet plus medium, focus on customer needs, through an interactive platform to deepen the linkage with the customers, provides an interconnected, safe, reliable and efficient solution for industrial medium.Help users achieve excellent operation and green sustainable development. As the leader of China's industrial media, Kerun has benefited from its excellent and technical advantages in the heat treatment industry, and has also gained strong support including industry organizations and partners. This meeting, through the review of the expert team and the efforts and achievements in the field of industrial media, won the two honors of "the recommendation suppliers in the heat treatment industry" and "the excellent enterprise of quality management in the heat treatment industry". We will continue to provide stable and reliable industrial media products and services for Chinese heat treatment enterprises.


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