The application of customized vegetable oil based cutting fluid KR-C8820 in aluminum alloy industry


Customer name: A large air conditioning compressor customer in Jiangsu
State of use: DOOSAN  Doosan, HARDINGE  hatey, HYUNDRI WIA Weiya nearly 1000 CNC machine tools.
Challenges: Worker allergy、Workshop VOC is seriously exceeding the standard、white hair、Macular、Short taps life
Major  callenges: High cost of environment and high cost of use

Solution: Develop vegetable oil base cutting fluid KR-C8820 with customer and match Mini CMS value service system.

Effect evaluation: At the beginning of the development of the product, the technical team of the two sides fully evaluated the actual situation of the site. Using three months, we fully understood the important details including the material, the equipment working condition, the working time of the workpiece, the use and maintenance habits of the cutting fluid, the upstream and downstream processes, the taps and the types of the taps, the average proportion of the new workers and so on. On this basis, the research and development team developed a vegetable oil base cutting fluid KR-C8820 based on the above technical factors under the mature technology system. Since the introduction of 2015, it has been successfully produced. In the same period, in order to assist the customer to form a long-term and stable use habit, we launched Mini CMS value service. After two years of tracking and evaluation, the customer's allergy rate dropped 40%, the workshop VOC reduced 60%, the surface secondary rate decreased by 12%, the utilization rate of the recovery liquid was 25%, the direct connection cost decreased by 18%, and the statistical comprehensive cost dropped. 32%. As of 2017, KR-C8820 products have been used in four production bases of customers. Kerun will continue to move towards a more long-term future with our customers.

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