Training Instructor Certification and best practice Awards ceremony


Training Instructor Certification and best practice Awards ceremony

In September 11th, on the second day of the thirty-third teacher's day, we ushered in the multi-media classroom a number of certificate rites and the best award ceremony for a group of enterprise trainers.

Two days of TTT training, and 10 days to complete and through the 5 assignments of teachers, in order to become a qualified internal trainer instructor.

The TTT trained 42 people, and eventually 12 people passed the examination. Of all the 5 assignments, 4 teachers were selected by TTT training teacher sun Shu.

The award ceremony and the best operation award ceremony were unveiled at the applause of self encouragement. The moderator first reviewed the selection training instructor experience,And inviting Minister of human resources department Liang to give evidence to our training lecturer. At the same time, the award is presented for the best operation winners. At the end, everyone will take a picture together, and the whole award ceremony ends in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

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