Safety fire fighting Emergency knowledge in mind-- Kerun carried out 2017 fire emergency evacuation drills escape


Safety fire fighting Emergency knowledge in mind-- Kerun carried out 2017 fire emergency evacuation drills escape

In order to popularize the knowledge of fire safety, improve the emergency protection and safety escape of the employees, strengthen the awareness of fire safety, accumulate the collective evacuation, fire rescue, emergency organization and other relevant practical experience, in the afternoon of September 7, 2017, the company carried out fire protection under the guidance of the leaders at all levels and the guidance of the security personnel. Training and escape exercises.

First, in the training room of the company, the instructors of the Nanjing an canal training center have trained the relevant fire protection knowledge, including fire hazard and fire prevention measures, the use of fire fighting facilities and fire extinguishing equipment, the knowledge and skills of fire alarm, early fire fighting and self rescue escape, organize and guide the people in the field. Fire safety knowledge, such as scattered knowledge and skills. At five o'clock, with the rapid alarm sound, the company staff, under the guidance of the security officers, quickly evacuate from the safety exit in the corridor and evacuate to a safe and safe place in a unified and orderly way. Then, instructors from the training center demonstrated the correct use of fire extinguishers and fire hydrants, and instruct the staff to operate on site. Through theoretical training and training in the form of real exercise, the personnel involved in the exercise will feel the danger and urgency of the fire. When we face the fire, we should take precautions against self rescue and give full play to the spirit of mutual assistance.

As the saying goes, "prevention is greater than disaster relief". This fire drill not only improves the company's ability to deal with fire emergencies and organize employees to evacuate quickly, but also further strengthens the employees' awareness of fire safety, improves their self-defense ability, and lets the employees learn the correct way to escape from fire, self rescue and fire. . This fire drill has achieved the desired goal and has been a complete success.


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