KR-S210 helps Shanxi Dayun heavy truck manufacture to realize environmental protection transformation and upgrading


Shanxi Da Yun Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd., which is located in Yuncheng, Shanxi Province, mainly produces heavy truck, as the key enterprise of the city, and has been working hard to fulfill the social responsibility and practice the social mission. The traditional phosphating technology has been used in the heavy truck frame production line all the time. With the progress of technology and the requirements of environmental protection, the enterprise has gradually started to upgrade the technology. But because of no professional personnel management and technical control, it once was very worried about the mistakes in the process of upgrading. The technical conditions provide a systematic solution for the Shanxi Universiade, from product demonstration to debugging application, and the final process training and technical transfer to solve the customer's worries thoroughly.

Since the adoption of KR-S210, with the support of excellent and thoughtful technical services, the Universiade has successfully completed the technical upgrading, and has also played a good demonstration effect in the industry. At the same time, it has also realized its own reduction and efficiency and practiced the social mission of the enterprise.

KR-S210 is a reactive pre-treatment chemicals based on zirconium compounds, and it is a green and environment-friendly pre-processing product. After a large number of customer site tests, the product has excellent performance in product stability and matching with electrophoretic coatings, and has a more prominent advantage than similar products.


All the time,the phosphating process has been widely used and has been widely used for a hundred years, but the treatment of phosphating has a high temperature, and the treatment of waste water and waste residue is becoming more and more serious because of the harmful heavy metals such as zinc, nickel, manganese and other harmful heavy metals. The traditional phosphating process is used in the heavy truck frame painting line, and the process flow is typical phosphating process, followed by the cathodic electrophoretic coating process. The difference between the silane products and the traditional phosphating products is mainly reflected in the corrosion resistance. Based on this, the corrosion resistance and adhesion of the silane products were verified and investigated several times before the project was started, including the corrosion resistance of the electrophoretic coating of the cold rolled plate and the hot rolled plate, and the corrosion resistance of the silane product after coating. The test results are shown below. The results show that the corrosion resistance of the silane pretreatment can reach the quality requirements of the frame production line.



The reliability of the application of silane products on the electrophoretic coating line of the frame was determined through repeated demonstration and test in the previous period. The pre treatment process switching project of heavy truck frame coating line was officially started in May 2012. It has experienced equipment renovation, equipment cleaning, trial production and batch production and performance acceptance in October 2012, and completed in October 2012. The application of the project is calculated and the cost is calculated.

Equipment renovation and cleaning project

The silane process can switch seamlessly to the phosphating process. There are few equipment renovation projects, only some equipment in the field can be optimized. The equipment modification items of the front processing section of the frame electrophoresis line are as follows:

The pre degreasing slot tis impregnated without spray, the degreasing slot  is impregnated, equipped with slot spray, and the equipment is not transformed.

The pure water washing I is transformed from the original table adjustment slot, and the pure water pipeline and the outlet spray pipe are installed.

The pretreatment is switched to silane treatment, and the phosphating slot is changed into silane slot.

Before silane distribution, ensure that the slot is clean, no residue of phosphating residue, no residue or other chemical residues.

Clean the whole equipment system of slot, pipeline, heat exchanger, pump and so on.

Cast slot production

Trough trial production

In the process of trial production, the original process parameters were optimized, including the shortening of the washing time between skimming to silane and the electrophoretic voltage of the electrophoretic paint to be reduced, in order to reduce the risk of anti rust in the process and control the production cost.


After optimizing the process parameters by trial production, the quality of the sample plate was further tested and checked. After acceptance, the batch production began to be carried out normally.

On the performance test, the corrosion resistance of the plate is tested. At the same time, the constant monitoring of the change and stability of the tank fluid parameters is carried out under the joint efforts of both sides. The results show that all the indexes and properties can meet the requirements of the normal production of the frame electrophoresis line.


The carmaker said in the evaluation report that the cost of the operation and maintenance of the coating equipment was reduced by 20% and more than 2 million yuan per year.

Composite pretreatment technology of silane and nanoscale ceramics


Silane products need no heating, save more heat and no phosphating slag. After the normal production operation, through monitoring the process parameters of the tank liquid, supplementing and maintaining according to the process documents, after six months of operation, the related data are summarized and analyzed, the operation cost is summarized and the cost of material cost is reduced.

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