Application of KERUN table processing products in auto parts industry


State of use: Yi Weike, Yuejin Automotive chassis production line (annual output of 40 thousand units).

Challenges: The pretreatment of phosphating products has high cost of sewage treatment, and the pressure of sewage treatment is large.

Major challenges: External sewage can not meet the requirements of environmental protection

Solution:The original phosphating pretreatment product is replaced by KERUN silane pre-treatment product.

Five major standard processes

Analyzing customer needs, making programme, experiments mated with theoretical courses, actual application and effect evaluation.

Customer requirements: Customers want to be able to find a more environmentally friendly and economic preprocessing products to reduce the sewage treatment station sewage treatment pressure, while the effluent can not contain nickel, chromium and other heavy metal elements.

Experimental stage: Using the new silane products of our company and the field Kansai electrophoretic paint, the related properties (neutral salt spray test, pencil hardness, impact test, adhesion experiment, cup process experiment, water resistance, oil resistance, damp heat, etc.) are all qualified. 


Effect assessment: After switching the phosphate to silane in December 2014, part of the washed sewage can directly discharge, which greatly reduces the sewage treatment pressure of the sewage treatment station. KERUN silane pretreatment wastewater contains no heavy metal elements such as nickel and chromium. There is no phosphorus in the sewage, which meets the requirements of environmental protection, and the amount of silane products is only 1/10 of phosphating. It also reduces the cleaning frequency of plate filter press and the treatment amount of solid waste of phosphating products in the field. It not only reduces the cost for customers, but also solves the problem of customer on-site sewage discharge is not up to standard.

The residue of silane products is less, the range of pH value used is weak acid, and the cell cycle need is longer, which saves the cost for customers, and also facilitates the maintenance of site personnel. In the past 2 years, the quality of the products has been stable and the customers have been well received.

Cost savings: after 2 years of statistics, the annual cost savings of the site is about 500 thousand yuan.

The advantages of silane as compared with phosphating are as follows:

1、Environmental protection, energy saving, in line with the trend of development of countries and regions.

2、High stability, good electrophoretic matching and performance meet the requirements.

3、High adaptability of sheet metal, aluminum material can be treated with mixed material.

4、Phosphating residue, solid waste disposal site of low cost, convenient maintenance.

5、The cost of comprehensive operation is low.

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