KR-S110 help achieve environmental upgrading of Stade elevator


Jiangsu stad elevator, as the leading elevator enterprise in the region, mainly produces the whole elevator and accessories. Its products cover the full computer control of VVVF AC variable frequency variable voltage passenger elevator, medical elevator, residential elevator, sightseeing elevator, cargo elevator, escalator, automatic sidewalk and all kinds of elevator accessories, etc.

The traditional phosphating technology has been used in the painting line of the elevator parts of the elevator. With the progress of technology and the requirements of environmental protection, the social responsibility of the enterprise is fulfilled. In 2012, the original first phosphating pretreatment line was switched to green and environmentally friendly preprocessing technology in 2012. In order to meet the production capacity in 2014, a new year was built. Production capacity of 20 thousand sets of elevator ceramic design pre-processing powder coating line.

1、Challenges: Before phosphating, the original phosphating slag and surface slag in the equipment should be removed by acid washing, and the pipeline needs to be replaced. In order to ensure that the production plan is not affected, the whole switch needs to be completed within 2 days. At the same time, the old production line is designed by phosphating, and the process and equipment need to be switched to pottery after potting. Make a fine tune.
2、Solution: Kerun formulated the progress plan for the potting and phosphating work, rationally arranged the acid washing and slag removal of the tank, and reformed the equipment with the Party A, and carried out the production management and control according to the on-site operation guidance made by Kerun.


In 2 days, the transformation of vitrification instead of phosphating was successfully completed. Since the transformation of the technology of clay processing, the company has greatly reduced the operation cost in the control of the painting pretreatment line. In addition, the timely and comprehensive pre-processing line dynamic data provided by run run is monitored in SOP management service, and it also lets the company sit back and relax.


KR-S110 is a reactive pre-treatment chemicals based on zirconium compounds. It can form a nano ceramic conversion coating on the surface of clean metal such as steel, zinc and aluminum. No phosphates, harmful heavy metals and any organic components, it is a green environment-friendly pre-processing product.

The operation and maintenance cost of the pre treatment line has been greatly reduced since the product was treated before the use of the Kerun pottery. The pottery trough was used at normal temperature without regular slots. It was easy to manage, avoided the slot of the original phosphating trough once every week and the change of the slot for every Monday time of the surface adjustment slot, that is, the difficulty of management in the field was reduced and the former was reduced. Deal with the cost of the use of drugs. The company's evaluation report said that the use of pottery technology has greatly reduced the water consumption, and the pottery overflow wastewater can reach the national three level emission standard, and the treatment cost of the treatment cost is 95% lower than the phosphating treatment, and the waste water treatment cost of the pretreatment line is greatly reduced. The operation cost has been reduced by more than 30%, and the annual cost savings is about 100 thousand yuan.

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