Shanghai Zhenhua heavy industry (Group) Limited by Share Ltd


Shanghai Zhenhua heavy industry (Group) Limited by Share Ltd

Customer introduction: Heavy equipment manufacturers, the largest heavy-duty equipment manufacturing enterprises in the world and the world's top 500 enterprises.

state of use:AI Lin large box type automatic production line, pusher type automatic production line, well type furnace quenching and tempering production line, induction hardening equipment.
Challenge: The new base has been put into production and the production capacity is strengthened. The original large bearing parts, wheel, shaft and other parts can be expanded to different sizes and categories, from single piece 300kg to 1.2 tons per piece. The American brand quenching medium, which has been used before, has been unstable in production, with rapid concentration change and large consumption, and can not fully meet the existing production requirements.
 Solution:After on-the-spot investigation and careful evaluation, the large forgings are more demanding for the medium, and the depth of the quenching needs to be deeper. It is suggested that the customers extend the two kinds of quenching medium KR-6480 and KR-7280 from the original single quenching medium, and then satisfy the situation that the class of workpiece is enlarged because of the production demand, and the hardenability is more Uniform, at the same time, the company has high requirements for environmental protection and provides a new medium for quenching water - uniform cooling medium, which is currently in the stage of field test. 

Effect evaluation: Through cooperation and statistics and analysis, compared with other media brands, the comprehensive supplement rate of media has decreased by 30% compared with other media brands, which has saved a lot of enterprise resources.

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