Application of vegetable oil based semi synthetic cutting fluid KR-C8710 in China Aviation Industry


Customer Name: a research center of China Airlines Industry

In use equipment: five axis machining center, CNC lathe, special machine, import brand.

Challenges: spot corrosion of aluminum alloy parts, cutting fluid life and environmental protection.

Major challenge: Aluminum Alloy surface macula, mildew and other defect

Solution: original use of a special cutting fluid for aluminum alloy processing.

Effect evaluation: the original use of mineral oil cutting products, heavy smoke in the field, workers allergy heavy , poor processing precision, product corrosion and other phenomena appeared. Since 2011, we began to use our plant oil based cutting fluid KR-C8710. During the period, we had a multi frequency technical interaction with the other team and the project team, and invited the other technical team to participate in the development, testing and acceptance of the product,Deep into our company's laboratory, we can see clearly the whole process.

At present, the working environment of the field has been greatly improved and the machining precision of the workpiece is stable. It is important to eliminate the corrosion phenomenon after processing, improve the qualified rate of the military inspection, and reduce the use cost by 20% compared with the original product. High praise from CAC customers.

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