KR-S110 helps boss electrical appliances to achieve low cost, environmental protection, upgrading and upgrading


Hangzhou boss electric Limited by Share Ltd mainly produces oil fume machines. As the leader of the current domestic kitchen and electric industry, the production process is constantly pursuing beyond self and constantly practicing the social mission of the enterprise. All the time, traditional phosphating technology is used in the process of painting. With the progress of technology and the requirements of environmental protection, the boss is actively upgrading the technology. But because of no professional personnel management and technical control, it was very worried about the mistakes in the process of upgrading.

With professional technical standards and excellent technical conditions, the company provides a systematic solution for Hangzhou boss electrical appliance Limited by Share Ltd, from product demonstration to debugging application, and the final process training and technology transfer to solve customer's worries thoroughly.

Since the adoption of KR-S110, Hangzhou boss electric Limited by Share Ltd has successfully completed its technical upgrading under the support of excellent and thoughtful technical services. It has also fulfilled the social responsibility of the entrepreneur at the same time.In the industry, it has been a good demonstration effect.

1、Challenge:As kitchen appliance benchmarking and faucet, boss Electric has been leading the forefront of kitchen electrical quality. Located in the Yuhang District of Hangzhou, the local environmental protection requirements are very high, especially after the national request, and the punishment for daily penalty is very heavy. The phosphating process has been widely used and has been widely used for a hundred years, but the treatment of phosphating has a high temperature, and the treatment of waste water and waste residue is becoming more and more serious because of the harmful heavy metals such as zinc, nickel, manganese and other harmful heavy metals.


At the beginning of the project, through technology exchange and understanding, the project can be applied pottery technology. First, through technical demonstration, whether the small test can meet the technical requirements, the result is excellent, no matter adhesion and corrosion resistance, it shows excellent performance.

The main technical difficulties of the project are as follows:

In the early stage of commissioning, equipment running in cycle is relatively long.

Through the comprehensive understanding of the scene, Kerun provided systematic and specialized technical support and solved the worries of customers. Through repeated demonstration and trial, the reliability of the application of pottery products on the coating line is determined. The project of coating line is officially started in June 2011. It has experienced the stages of equipment cleaning, trial production and batch production and performance acceptance. In December 2011, the application of the project was completed and the cost was calculated.

Equipment confirmation

The material of the equipment includes the material of tank, channel, circulating pump, filter and pipeline. The equipment is made of 304 or 306 and above grade stainless steel. Otherwise, it is required to do anticorrosion treatment in the pottery tank and the inner wall of the channel. Besides, the circulating pump and sealing material of ceramic tank require fluoride resistant material to prevent leakage and leakage at later stage.

Equipment cleaning

Pre degreasing grooves and degreasing grooves

Groove body of pottery trough and management cycle cleaning

The whole equipment system of other tanks, pipes, heat exchangers, pumps and so on.

Adjusting spray nozzle after cleaning

Trough trial production

During the trial production process, the process parameters were optimized.

The heating temperature of degreasing;

The optimum chain speed and the adjustment of rust prevention in the process;

The adjustment of spray pressure;

The appearance difference caused by the difference of workpiece material and the corresponding process adjustment.


After optimizing the process parameters by trial production, the quality of the sample plate was further tested and checked. After acceptance, the batch production began to be carried out normally.

On the performance test, the corrosion resistance of the plate is tested. At the same time, the constant monitoring of the change and stability of the tank fluid parameters is carried out under the joint efforts of both sides. The results show that all the indexes and properties can meet the requirements.


(1)Compared with the phosphating process before, the cost of the pretreatment process is equivalent to that of the original phosphating process.
(2)Compared with the original phosphating process, after transformation, the cost of wastewater treatment is >10 million yuan / year.

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