Ningguo Antarctic warrior rafting, one day tour of East China Grand Rift Valley


If the mountain is not high, it will be able to reach the top of the mountain.The water is not deep, and it can drift.In order to enrich the amateur life of Kerun people,  relieved the work pressure of kerun people after the stressful work. In July 22nd, the company went to the Ningguo Antarctic warriors for drifting activities.

Hot weather can not prevent us from getting close to nature. At the drifting wharf, people can't wait to replace the drifting clothes, and they are divided into  50 groups according to the principle of free combination, looking forward to a trip to the expedition early.The rubber boat runs down the flow, the waterway is very big, the slope is steep, the kayak dives down, it arouses a number of layers of waves, which can't help speeding up the heartbeat of the people, the pleasure of ice-cold letting people satisfy a craving,It aroused everyone on the torrent of expectation.The exciting rafting also seems to evoke the innocence of everyone's childlike innocence, and they are catching up with each other on the river. Once they meet, a war of water is bound to fight.Splash water drenched clothes, we are immersed in the incomparable joy.Hurrah, screams by water, laughter, reverberated in the valley, reverberated into a symphony that only happiness can paly.Two hours of drifting, freeze in everyone's laughter.Numerous hills and streams always feeling, there are mountains and water have played, How can we not Sightseeing the mountain.After eating and drinking, the next thing we are going to conquer is the East China rift valley. The whole scenic area is closed, and both sides of the valley are cliffs and precipice.Climbing the road is steep and dangerous, helping each other, we will soon reach the top of the mountain and experience the heroic look of the hills.Ascend a height and enjoy a distant view, full of passion, the second half of 2017, we then climb the peak!


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