Nanjing Institute of Technology teacher and student visit


In the morning of June 7th and June 8th, more than 140 students from the 2014 class of the College of materials of Nanjing Institute of Technology were led down to the Nanjing Kerun medium Limited by Share Ltd for a half - day social practice.

This event is divided into two parts: visit and communication. First of all, the students watched the company promotional film, and guided by the teacher, they visited the industrial media research institute and testing center.The students listen to colleagues ITRI to explain, absorb a lot of knowledge in textbooks can not go to school.


Next, our colleagues bring about the sharing of "how to change from the campus people to the social people" for the students who are graduating. This share gives the students a clearer understanding of the future career planning.

The 2006 class of Mr Xue  and the 2010 class of Mr Zhang  gave a detailed introduction to the current situation and prospects of the development of the industry, and gave a patient and meticulous answer to the questions raised by the students.

Every year, Kerun  Group actively provides college students with opportunities to visit and actively fulfill their social responsibilities.Kerun invites young people who have dreams and pursuits to join, to integrate new blood and new ideas for corun, and to inject new vitality into the development of enterprises.


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