Kerun - new flying


 In January 21, 2017, the annual annual meeting of the Kerun group was held in the Crowne Plaza, silver city.The scene is interwoven, the guests are full of seats, all kinds of wonderful programs, all kinds of happy games, delicious dishes make the annual meeting full of laughter and laughter.

In the past 2016, we embraced change, embraced innovation, subverted ourselves, emerged from the industry, and created many leading industries. Among them, a group of outstanding people emerged as leaders of our everlasting heights. We are sure of their 2016 achievements here today.


First of all, General manager Nie made a new year's address, reviewed the achievements of the 2016, looked forward to the future of the family and gave you the best wishes for the new year, and Nie's kind wishes for a better future.

The next Zibianziyan wonderful programs more years will add a different kind of style.New materials team to bring dance skewers, atmosphere High,The "love in the Kerun" brought by the family members of our family is deeply moved by their silent devotion.T Taiwan's "Kerun show" let us see with you on the other side, or elegant, or calm, or passion;Two different styles of heat treatment department, hot dance instantly burning the venue."Super interview" let our interviewees tell the truth through the tips of interviewers."You are a song in my heart" brought by new employees once again let us enjoy an audio-visual feast.Thanks to you, the last bell of the annual meeting, we sang our hearts to colleagues and customers.In addition to the wonderful show, the company also prepared a rich variety of prizes in the middle of the party, the God of wealth, the lucky draw is to let everyone immersed in the sea of joy, push the whole party to one high tide after another.


The new year is pregnant with new hope, and the new journey will compose new brilliance.Today, we are gathered here to bid farewell to 2016.Kerun, new flying, you roll up your sleeves and go!

2017, let's take off!!!



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