\"Tree planting day\" is successful in 2017 


March 2017 is the seventeenth birthday of Kerun. Meaningful birthday is, of course, celebrated in a meaningful way -- planting trees.This year's birthday, we come to the beautiful new material production base in Gaochun, and more embodies our green environmental protection production concept.

At 8:00 in the morning of March 11th, we took a bus to the Gaochun new material production base. More than 100 people of the big and large families, under the guidance of technical personnel, or waving shovels to dig holes, or plant trees.For the spring land planted  green, to contribute to the power in green Kerun.

Kerun people are in full swing,Small adorable treasure also not resigned to playing second fiddle.They could not move the seedlings, and they held them in their arms.They were not moving shovel, hand planing on their own,The little body exerts the greatest energy,Plant the small seedlings into the soil,Finally, don't forget to hang up their little brand with their name on it.Agreed to compare in height and tree next year.

A day's activities, happy and full.The happy tree planting activity has made everyone's body and willpower get exercise and let children love nature.This special birthday celebration brings us closer together.

We agreed that spring will bloom next year, and we will come to see the small tree park planted by ourselves.To fulfill corporate social responsibility and make green products, we can do more.


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