The record of the Kerun birthday party


Joy, laughter, blessings, this is our monthly birthday meeting, the busy work of the spare time, can feel the love of colleagues and the warmth of the company's family.

Party will give each birthday person a carefully prepared gift to express their wishes. Then, with "Happy Birthday to you..."With this familiar and wonderful melody, happy birthday songs are sung all over the field. People who celebrate their birthday Insert a candle, light a candle, and blow a candle, making their birthday wishes,bringing the atmosphere of the birthday to a climax.

Brilliant smiles, sincere wishes,the words of gratitude, the same birthday party, bringing "Kerun people" is different moves!

 "People-oriented" is the core competitiveness of a modern enterprise culture. Excellent enterprises combine scientific management with humanistic care to become an important part of corporate culture.The monthly birthday party of Kerun is a measure that embodies the humanistic care of the company. It is believed that through this meaningful activity, everyone can feel the deep affection of the company and feel the warmth of the collective.


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