Nanjing Kerun industrial medium Limited by Share Ltd was founded in 2000, it is a leading provider of industrial medium solutions in China.Now, the Nanjing Kerun industrial medium Limited by Share Ltd which is guided by technological innovation and leading the new technology trend of science and technology, Whole heartedly for the users in the heat treatment cooling, metal processing and molding, surface treatment, cleaning and rust prevention and other aspects of the world's leading, energy-saving and environmental protection of the full set of Solutions.By providing customers with industrial media products and the overall solution, we optimize the industrial process and improve production efficiency, so as to effectively enhance the competitiveness of the customer market.As the key high-tech enterprise of the national Torch Program, the company has brought together the experts who enjoy the special subsidies of the government, the industry standard makers, the returnees, the Ph. D. and master of the national key disciplines, and has built a post doctoral research station with strong research development and technical support. It has participated in 4 national standards and 9 industry standards, authorized 7 invention patents, 23 utility models and 6 software copyrights.Kerun with its advanced industrial design, technical research and development and service system, the company provides personalized, modern, environmental and energy saving schemes for more than three thousand industrial customers worldwide, including aerospace, automobile, wind and electricity, ships, oil, household electrical appliances, coal mining machinery, steel metallurgy and other industries.We have accumulated a lot of customer resources and practical experience through providing products and services for all industries in the long run.Our sales service network covers 20 offices. No matter where you are, you can always enjoy the perfect service of Kerun.



KERUN’S ideal: To become the world's respected century enterprises

KERUN’S vision: Become a leader in green manufacturing

KERUN’S Mission: Create value for customers, create value for employees and create value for society.

KERUN’S Core values:Open innovation, honesty  and credit, cooperation and struggle


Someone said  Kerun  is an enterprise that is good at heat treatment medium. Someone said  Kerun is an enterprise that provides the overall solution of industrial medium. someone also said that Kerun is a company that uses innovation to help industrial and environmental protection enterprises……These are all Kerun.

The essence of Kerun is an enterprise that aims to create value.

Kerun seeks to meet customer needs in the field of industrial manufacturing and help customers achieve value. To create value for customers is fundamental of  Kerun's  survival and development. Only the customer is successful, can Kerun succeed.

Kerun creates value from the upstream and downstream industry chain's win-win. As the middle link of the value chain, the company shares the end - to - end industrial chain with the partners "the beauty of the United States", the United States and the United States, and shares the development results together.

Kerun creates value from the contributions and efforts of striving people in enterprises. The survival and development of Kerun is from the continuous struggle of all run people, and it rewards value for contributors, and expects more business partners to join.

Kerun helps to create value from the support of the government and social organizations. As a national enterprise, boosting China's manufacturing is the responsibility of the call of duty. It is bounden duty to create value for the society It is bounden duty to create value for the society.

To this end, no matter what challenges, Kerun always adhered to the idea of positioning value. use technology to drive value, share value with win-win, rely on trust cooperation and unremitting struggle, together with partners to build the basic industry.

Chairman:Xiaolin Nie



Enterprise qualification and honor:
 National Torch Program key high-tech enterprises

The first post doctoral research workstation in the industrial medium industry

13 national and industry standard setting units

Member of the National Automotive Standardization Technology Committee, Automobile transmission division technology sub committee committee.

Member of the National Standardization Committee of heat treatment technology.Key enterprise R & D organization of Jiangsu Province

Jiangsu metal processing medium engineering technology research center

Jiangsu Enterprise Technology Center

Nanjing metal processing medium Engineering Research Center

China Clean Development Mechanism Fund Management Center loan discount project approval unit.

Key projects of the Ministry of science and technology innovation fund of China.

National Torch Plan industrialization demonstration project approval unit.

Jiangsu province science and technology achievements transformation special fund project approval unit.

Nanjing high-end talent team introduction plan special fund project unit.

Two integration pilot enterprises in Jiangsu

Nanjing circular economy demonstration enterprise

Jiangsu prize for science and technology

Nanjing scientific progress award

Famous trademark of Nanjing

 ISO/TS16949:2009 quality management system certification

 ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification

 ISO14001:2004 environmental management system certification


Product qualification and honor


China Aviation heat treatment center only recommends quenching medium products.

China Academy of mechanical engineering green manufacturing science and technology progress award.

First prize in the achievements of science and technology progress in the gear industry

China Machinery General Parts Industry Association fasteners, independent innovation, excellent products, the special award.

High and new technology products in Jiangsu


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TEL / FAX:025-52101342

ADD:No. 31 Qinhuai Road, Jiangning District, Nanjing